The New Optoma Themescene 3D HD91 LED Home cinema Projector

The latest home cinema projector from Themescene looks to be a major hit in the home cinema market.
Optoma Themescene HD91 Home Cinema Projector

The Themescene HD91 is the first LED projector at an affordable price that gives a lamp life of 20,000 hours in eco mode, a contrast ratio of 500,000:1 and a long throw that would cater for most home cinema rooms.

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Grandview Cyber Fixed Frame Perforated Projector Screen

The new range of perforated fixed frame screens from Grandview now allow you to install your on / in wall speakers behind the screen without any loss of sound. The perfect install for any permanent or dedicated cinema room, which will give a great cinematic experiance.

The acoustically transparent fixed screen material is specially woven with a low gain of 1.1 to allow the sound to travel through yet not alter the colour reproduction of the movie. This is kept under high tension by a unique means found only by grandview screens.

Steel bars are inserted into the looped seem that runs round the edge of the material, which is then stretched behind the pop studs making the screen very tought evenly around the screen.

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Grandview Cyber Acoustically Transparent Fixed Frame Screen

The frame design is made of a curved aluminium with black velvet finish that absorbs any stray light from overlapping the picture.

There are various sizes of screens starting from 6ft all the way to a 10ft screen.

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Fixed Frame Projector Screens

When looking for a fixed frame screen, there are a few things you need to look for.

1. The Gain
This is a very important key to know when buying a fixed frame screen. The higher the gain, the more reflection you will get. So for home cinema, you want to get a low gain from 1 – 1.3. Anything higher and will saturate the colours on the picture.

2. Material
If the screen is going to be used for home cinema, using a home cinema projector then the material that would be best used would be matte white.

3. How the material is mounted to the frame
There are many different ways in which the screen is mounted to the frame. Some use velcro, (which doesn’t keep the screen tought. Another way is done by pop studs going around the screen, this is certainly better than velcro, but can sometimes show light leakage around the screen in between each pop stud.

Grandview Cyber are one of the best fixed frame screens for the money. It uses a low gain of 1, comes in a matte white material and very easy to install.

The cyber range of fixed frame screens uses pop studs as well as steel bars which are inserted into a looped seem that runs round the edge of the material. The bars are then stretched and fixed behind the pop studs, causing the material to be pulled evenly from all four sides, making the material very tought and shows no light leakage.

The frame also has a black velvet finish, to stop any light reflection coming from the picture.

Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Fixed Frame Home Cinema Projector Screens

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Grandview Cyber Tab Tensioned Projector Screens

Grandview Cyber are specialists in Home Cinema Projector screens.

The Tab Tensioned screen is one of many screens that they do.

Unlike a standard screen, a Tab Tension screen has a flexible material so that it can be pulled taught from all sides. The Grandview Cyber projector screens have a unique ratchet mechanism at each end of weighted bar so that the tensioning strings can be easily adjusted. The US made material is optimised for home cinema use, producing a high contrast and uniform reflectivity. A black PVC backing prevents light leakage so that the screen can be positioned in front of a window.

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Grandview Cyber Home Cinema Tab Tensioned Projector Screens

All electric screens comes with a built in IR, remote control and 12 volt trigger. It Also comes with an external IR incase the IR window cannot be seen. i.e. if the screen is hidden behind a pelmet.

The Cyber range of screens are very easy to install, using their L shape bracket. This allows the screen to be mounted anywhere along the case.

The screens all use a low gain with matte white material, which is perfect for home cinema.

The tensioned projector screens can be seen in our show room.

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Image Audio – Hi End on wall speakers

Image Audio – A new range of on wall hi end speakers, that can be hidden by a canvas print.

Image Audio have 2 models. The IA8 which uses a 8” 150w RMS/1000w transient bass driver, giving a superb and crystal clear sound.

It is based on unique Hexatech technology whereby a hexagon shaped aluminium voice coil affords higher efficiency and power handling accuracy. In addition (EVC) External Voice Coil technology is used to enable excellence in sound accuracy and total balance. A double magnet combination of neodymium and traditional ferrite magnets result in an optimal magnetic field. Couple this with DPC cone material and you have one of the best bass drivers in the world.

Image Audio IA8, Image Audio IA5

Image Audio on wall hi end speakers

The smaller version of this on wall speaker is called the IA5 which uses a 5.25” 150w RMS/1000w transient bass driver which is in a class of its own.

The Image Audio range of speakers can be hidden by a canvas print, either from the gallery online, or from your own digital photographs.

simply send your images to us, and we can crop to the right aspect ratio for your approval.

The range of speakers work really well as a 5.1 or 7.1 which is what is used in our demo room.

For more information, or a demo on these speakers please call.

Grandview Cyber In-ceiling projector screen

The new inceiling projector screen from Grandview, makes a really discrete installation for home cinema. The projector screen comes with a built in IR and remote control, 12 volt trigger and manual up and down switch. It also uses Somfy motors, as well as a motorised trap door.

The inceiling cyber projector screen uses the same material as the other projector screens from Grandview. So you get a very thick material, which makes the screen lie really flat.

Grandview Inceiling Projector Screens
The in ceiling projection screen also has a black backing so that you don’t get any light leakage if installed in front of a window, as well as a large top black border. This depends on the size of screen. i.e,

7ft Electric Screen comes with a 800mm Black border
8ft Electric Screen comes with a 630mm Black border
9ft Electric Screen comes with a 450mm Black border

The material used is a matte white low gain material which is perfect for home cinema.

Electric Projection Screens

The new range from Grandview called the Cyber range offer different types of projector screens. These are:

- Pull Down projector screen
- Standard electric projector screen
- Fixed frame screen
- Inceiling projector screen
- Acoustic tab tensioned Projector screen
- Acoustic fixed frame screen
- Tab tensioned projector screen

The standard electric projector screen offers supperb value for money, starting off from £600 for their 6ft version.

All electric screens come with a built in IR and remote, 12 volt trigger and manual switch located at the side of the screen.

Electric projector screens

The stylish elegant looking curved case makes it one of the nicest looking screens on the market, and doesn’t stand out when installing on a wall or ceiling.

The projector screen uses a 3m 3 ply screen material, with a heavy weighted bar, allowing the screen to sit very flat. The material also has upto 850mm of black border on the top which can be adjusted using the allen key provided. (The amount of black border differs from the sizes of screens.) The material also has a black backing stopping any light coming through if installed by a window.

All the Grandview Cyber electric screens use Somfy motors, which are used in all the high end manufacturers of projector screens.

The Low profile L Shape brackets make installing the screen very easy and quick, allowing you to fit onto any part of the length of the case.

All screens are in stock and can be seen at our show room in Stevenage. Please call on 01438 311625 before coming down.

JVC DLA X55 3D Projector

The next model up from the JVC DLAX35 is the JVC DLAX55 with e-shift feature, previously found on the two top models from last years range.

The X55 offers excellent performance, with a motorised zoom lens. It offers features including CFI for smooth motion, their e-shift for a sharper, more realistic image with lens memory for those who want to use a cinemascope shaped wide screen.

The JVC are renowned for their black levels and can certainly be seen with this projector. It is very similar to the X35, but once the 4K E-shift is turned on, it changes into a completely different projector, giving you an amazing picture for the money.

JVC DLA X35 Home Cinema 3D Projector

JVC DLA X55 Home Cinema 3D Projector

Available in Black or White

Highlights from the JVC DLA X55

-Excellent black-level performance and dynamic range
-Good brightness in “best mode”
-Capable of handling very large screens for movie viewing (in 2D)
-3 year warranty
-Very good shadow detail
-Excellent remote control
-3D capable
-Excellent placement flexibility and easy installation
-Lens Memory feature
-Creative frame interpolation for smooth motion
-”4K e-Shift2″ JVC’s detail enhancement

We are now offering any Grandview Cyber 6, 7, 8, 9 fixed or electric screen projector screen with this projector for Free.

The JVC X35 and X55 are on demonstration. Please call to book an appointment.

We are open Monday – Friday 9:30 – 6 and Saturday is diverted to our mobiles. However if you wish to have a demo in the evening then we can stay late.

JVC DLAX35 entry level 3D Home Cinema Projector

JVC have brought out 4 new 3d projectors. Starting off with the entry level JVC DLAX35 which starts off at £2899, and has already won best buy in Home Cinema Choice. The Performance in 2D is superb giving fantastic blacks, great shadow detail and an impressive dynamic range, and certainly the best projector around for under £3000.The JVC X35 comes with 2 x 3D stylish and light RF rechargeable glasses as well as an emitter that plugs into the back of the unit..

We have put together a package deal with a Grandview Cyber Electric projector screen 6-9ft with built in IR and 12 volt trigger for an extra £150 with this JVC projector. Saving of £600.

JVC DLA X35 Home Cinema 3D Projector

JVC DLA X35 Home Cinema 3D Projector

The JVC DLAX35 can be seen on demo in our new cinema room. Please call before coming down.