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Welcome to what we call “Real Home Cinema” Big screen full HD projection with powerful room filling Dolby Digital sound. With over 10 years experience of building home cinema systems we can put together a package that gives you the best possible performance to price ratio. We supply individual components to enthusiasts, as well as offer a complete system design and installation service.


We are also the UK distributor for Grandview Projection Screens, which gives us the ability to offer exceptional package deals on JVC X35 , JVC X55, JVC X75, and JVC X95 home cinema projectors. Since our formation we have been main dealers for Monitor Audio, Speaker Craft, MJ Acoustics and Image Audio Loudspeaker which covers a full range of In-ceiling, In-wall and surface mount speakers.


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Home Cinema Projectors

With the ability to produce a much larger and better quality image than plasma or LED panels, projectors are by far the best way to achieve a true home cinema system. Machines such as the JVC X35 3D projector with it’s new Wire Grid Technology have pushed picture quality to a new level. The JVC X55, X75 and X95 even offer digital commercial cinema quality with 4K E-Shift and industry leading contrast ratios. Lower cost examples such as the Themescene HD25 start at only £799 yet still off Full HD and a punchy 2000 lumens picture.

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Projector screens, projection screens, manual pull down screens, electric screens, fixed frame screens, tab tensioned screens, incieiling projector screens

Home Cinema Projector Screens

A good quality projection screen is essential for getting the most from any home cinema projector. Available from 6ft (77” diagonal) all the way up to 10ft (138” diagonal) and in an array of formats to suit discreet or dedicated home theatre rooms, there is always a big screen solution. All our Electric screens and Tab Tensioned screens have built in 12volt trigger and IR remote control. Tab Tensioned and Fixed Frame screens are available in standard and acoustically transparent material options. For a more discreet installation we have a unique In-Ceiling electric screen with a motorized trap door.

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Spekers - Inceiling speakers - Speakercraft speakers, MJ Acoustics subwoofers, Monitor Audio Speakers, Image Audio Speakers, In wall speakers, Monitor Audio Radius Speakers,

Surround Sound Systems

With a huge amount of time and money devoted to the sound track of a film, the correct sound system is an absolutely essential part of the cinema setup. The type of speaker system used is dependent on the room size, budget and if a discreet installation is required. We are a main dealer for Monitor Audio, Speaker Craft In-ceiling and In-wall speakers, TruAudio and Image Audio on-wall loudspeakers. We also specialize in the UK built Subwoofers MJ Acoustics such as the award winning Pro50 and Pro55.

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Simple Audio Multi room System

Simple Audio Multi Room Audio

Simple Audio is a high quality 24bit whole house music system that can be controlled by your phone or tablet. A compact device called a room player sits in each room of the house and powers your speakers on connectors to your HiFi system, an App on your phone or computer can see your entire music collection. Just select your desired room, your favorite song and hear the music! We offer great package details for Simple Audio hardware coupled with Monitor Audio, Speaker Craft and TruAudio ceiling and wall speakers.

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Bitwise control system - Control your AV equipment using your ipad / iphone / Android devices

Bitwise Control System

By the time you have a projector, screen, Bluray player, AV receiver and SKY HD box, you will have allot of remote controls! Bitwise is a combination of hardware that sits by all of your equipment and an App on your phone or Tablet. We then program the device and customize the pages so that at a press of a button everything turns on together and becomes quick and easy to operate. This remote system is often installed in dedicated home theatres and living rooms with a TV and surround sound system.

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Onkyo AV Receivers - Onkyo Blu ray players

Onkyo AV Recievers & Bluray Players

The AV receiver is the hub of a home cinema system, it not only powers the speakers, it also has inputs for all your AV devices and sends the picture from the selected input to your projector. Onkyo offers some of the highest specifications for the most reasonable prices in the Industry. With Audyssey room correction technology, THX certification and an array of audio and picture processing you can see why they continually get excellent reviews. New models are now available including the Onkyo TXNR626 and Onkyo TXNR727.

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Rako Intelligent lighting - Rako control lighting system

Rako Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any home with numerous circuits and types of lights balanced to enhance the look at feel of the rooms. Rako is a clever lighting control system consisting of small wireless modules and keypads that can control multiple lights throughout the home. The system can even be operated by phone and computer applications and is easy to retro fit to existing rooms. As with the other items we offer we can supply individual components or design and install a whole house system.

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Future Automation projector lifts - projector lifts

Home Cinema Projector Lifts

For the more discreet cinema setup a projector lift is the best way to hide the most obtrusive part of the system. Electrically operated these lifts and be activated by the output of the projector thus coming down when it is on and retracting back up when the projector is turned off. Each lift is built to the highest standard using very reliable motors and circuitry, resulting in years of trouble free use. They are available in various sizes to suit most projectors on the market and with varying drops for differing ceiling heights.

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